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Department of Neurosurgery was established in 1966. Until 1993 Pediatric Neurosurgery had been a section in our department. In 1993, Pediatric Neurosurgery became an official division.

Our division is a part of department of neurosurgery and shares same bulding with 17 patient beds.

Ege University division of pediatric neurosurgery has an 8 months theoretical & practical   training program for the resident of both our department and Izmir state hospital residents.  

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We have several study groups related of division of Pediatric Neurosurgery:

Ege Pediatric Oncology Group: Pediatric brain tumor registry & study group with paticipation of  Div. of pediatric oncology, dept. of radiation oncology, and div. of neuropathology

Spina Bifida Study Group:   With participation of div. of pediatric Urolgy, dept. of orthopedic surgery, dept. of physical therapy & rehabilitation

Craniofacial Surgery Team : with paticipation of Dept. of plastic and Reconstructive surgery

Pediatric Epilepsy Group . with participation of div. of pediatric neurology, dept of. pediatric psychiatry

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